Change in the Weather

Welcome to the changing season. We just went to the  Main Street Farmers’ Market. We  brought home a big butternut squash and a bunch of other delectable delights.  Butternut squash means a couple of things. One is we can fire up the oven and warm the house too. The other is the season is here for all winter squash to come to market, especially the kind called pumpkin. Unless they cook, they don’t show up here.

The wood stove is fired up as well, 3rd fire for the season and the first I’ve managed to light with just one match. This stove has a special place in my heart, it is the main contributor  of  skin burns. Not many, just enough to maintain respect. The studio has given me a fair immunity to such, possibly because most things that cause burns are so hot one develops a lasting physical memory to not touch again.

Another detail of fall’s arrival is we get to work with way less fans going in the shop. Yesterday with no sun until the end of the day, the big fan did not get worked at all. Just 2 or 3 little hens out the back window keeping a loud conversation going most of the morning. It got to about 60°  so temps were most comfortable, all the windows and doors open, music at an enjoyable loudness, not the summer time blast to drive out fan noise. Some day I want to site the business below a beauty parlor, or a silkscreen shop, someplace  we can pass on the waste heat to so it doesn’t get wasted.  In the heat of summer, I’ll walk outside mid afternoon and it feels cool out, even though outside  temps may be upper 90°’s. Maybe that is why we took a whole lot of this summer off.

In Gratitude,  Prentice Hicks

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