Wauhatchie Glassworks is the culmination and ongoing result of incessant dreaming, thinking, and working. It is the studio of Prentice Hicks.

First and foremost, WAWhatchee, pronounced as we non-indigenous people pronounce it, is the name of a Cherokee chief who fought in the war of 1812 and lived 4 miles from where the studio is today. Chief Wauhatchie had the rail siding through this area named for him and then in 1863 the location became quite fertile and toxic with the blood and lead of thousands of Americans from the South and North.


Change in the Weather

Welcome to the changing season. We just went to the  Main Street Farmers’ Market. We …

Dinner with Local Food and Local Handmade Craft.

Our Friends, Bill and Miriam Keener have two youngens, Kelsey and Ann. Ann puts on…

Greetings & Love To All

Greetings From Tula and Zsuzsi, …a word about them, when you visit the studio, you…