Dinner with Local Food and Local Handmade Craft.

Our Friends, Bill and Miriam Keener have two youngens, Kelsey and Ann. Ann puts on these wonderful meals with food from her parents’ farm and other local farms as seasons allow.  She uses local craft work to serve dishes from and to have soups and drinks in. Plates and silverware aren’t local handmade, yet. Bill and Miriam are here at this dinner at Velo Coffee. Miriam’s mom and dad are here too, Her dad Jim is the guy with the  grey ponytail at the right table. Bill and Miriam are at the left table, he’s wearing the green pullover, she’s to his left. They have Sequatchie Cove Farm  in Sequatchie, Tennessee about 30 minutes west of the studio. The cups and bowls you see are Anderson Bailey’s . Anderson works with white stoneware and has been working steady with clay since he was 16. He’s an excellent potter. The Chattanooga region is blessed to have a potter of his talent here. The glasses are easily identifiable due to their off kilter and on kilter nature.

The dinners Ann puts on have seatings from 25 to 50.  Usual setting is from communal tables to seatings for 4 to 8 per table. It depends on location size how the place winds on getting set up for dinner. In a nutshell, she has beef, lamb or pork from Sequatchie Cove and cheese from the creamery there and veggies and greens from around here. Next to last meal I went to was Indian theme and vegetarian. With dessert to wait for,  for sure. 

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  1. June 17, 2017 at 7:15 pm

    Hi Prentice! I have 10 of your glasses~5 small and 5 “tea” or taller~and I cannot stop looking at them. You truly have a gift for creating art that is breathtaking. Thank you for sharing your gift. I love to serve famly and friends “at the table” with good food and fellowship. Your lovely glasses will be a part of this for years to come.

    Blessings to you, my friend!!!

    Jamie Tarence

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